Grandmas who care for grandkids one day each week stay sharp

If you watch your grandkids one day a week, there's good news. 

If you watch them five days a week, the news is not so good.

New research from the Women's Healthy Aging Project study found that women who spent one day a week caring for their grandchildren performed the best on 2 of 3 tests of mental sharpness (ie. working memory and  processing speed). Those who took care of their grandkids for 5 or more days in a week did "significantly worse" on the tests.

It's important to note, however, that the grandmothers were alo asked whether they thought their OWN children (presumably, adults) had been particularly demanding of them in the last year.  Those who though their own children had been more demanding were also the ones who watched their grandkids the most, so it's possible that mood (e.g., resentment, anger) played a role in their test scores.

Here's what I read: