I can't be your grandbabymama

I think I can understand why you want a grandchild.After all, many years ago, you wanted a child. You could picture a baby crib filling the empty corner in the unused office overlooking the driveway. You flipped through magazines, furnishing the room with ideas.Then, finally, you were pregnant. You furnished the room for real, this time: crib, changing table, soft animals, color....more

Cave-Grandmas wanted more grandchildren, too

I like having my Mom over for dinner. There are many reasons why, including that I think she needs a break from working all week, I like to cook, and I think family meals are important. But the real reason is because it is a really great way for her to spend time with her grandson....more


Favoriting my Mom's tweets

My Mom is a pretty tech-savvy lady: She runs a brilliant blog, texts and shares photos, and she tweets more often than I do. All of this she learned on her own, and I am incredibly grateful for her willingness to be involved online. In her point of view, she is ready to interact with her grandchildren in whatever form of social media they end up on....more

Hollyhocks and Memories

As we age memories from our youth become stronger.  Here is one such memory.  What childhood memories have you surrounded yourself with?Click here to read more...more

How My Dad Became a Father at the Age 70

Gotcha!  I do not have a half sibling with a 40+ age difference....more

This Ain't Our Grandparents World

"Life is what happens when we're busy making plans." - John Lennon (attributed)Im here to tell you, that it is the gospel truth, just about the time I got it all figured out, karma dropped a bomb.  ...more


 Hand WrittenLast weekend, G and I went with my mom to see some family.  And while we were there, we ended up looking through some things that had belonged to my grandparents.Among some jewelry and a few watches, was a little note.  I posted it on Facebook so if you follow me there, sorry, you’re seeing this again....more

Welcome to the Grandparent-hood: It's Good Here

I was talking to a colleague the other day at work about becoming a grandparent and how it changes your life in so many wonderful ways. Just when you think your days of parenting are beginning to wind down and you are wondering what you are going to do with the rest of your life, you get to start your parenting experience all over again in a different way. It will be one of the most important and enjoyable things you will ever do. ...more
Love this! One of my favorite things about becoming a "Gma" has been seeing my son and his wife ...more

The Visit| Five Minute Friday Challenge

Several months ago I joined a group of bloggers who for the last four years have a writing flash mob every Friday. This is the brilliant idea of sister blogger Lisa-Jo Baker which she titled Five Minute Friday. Every Friday Lisa-Jo gives a word prompt and bloggers have five minutes to write “unedited, unscripted, real” blog post based on the prompt. So here it is for this week's word--VISIT...more