Tears in Heaven

    A year ago today, I got a call that no one wants to get. My beloved papa Ross suffered a massive stroke and was rushed to the nearest hospital. (which happens to be in Maryland as they live on an island in Va) The prognosis wasn't good. There weren't a lot of details. I became numb. ...more

When It Feels Like a Ballsack Might Kill You

When someone cares, they help you brave the ballsacks of life.An older respectable gentleman has taken a flamboyant soul under his wing.An unlikely pair, Tony Bennett, 88, and Lady Gaga, 28, are releasing a duet album this week entitled, “Cheek to Cheek.”...more

Grandparent Permission Slip

I just finished typing a 3-page Babysitting Instruction Manual (4 pages if you include the spreadsheet of after-school activities I have stuck on my fridge) for my parents who are flying out to watch my 3 kids for 7 days while my husband visit London in preparation for our upcoming move....more

How Are Boomer Grandparents Different?

How Are Boomer Grandparents Different?Mimi@BoomerGrandparents.com ...more

BlogHer Newbie

My 1st BlogHer Conference, and I'm reading all I can to prepare.  If you have any suggestions for newbies please send them my way.  I've blogged for over 4 years, (even won a couple of awards) but still feel like a rookie.  I'm really looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers, and sharing ideas.  So impressed with the keynote speakers...  Guy Kawasaki is awesome and it will be amazing to hear Ariana Huffington in person.  Great variety of sessions and topics.  Can't wait....more

Too much to do- am going to take a nap


Love me some Grandpa!

Last night Grandpa got home from a 14 day run up to Canada. He's a truck driver. Pooder seems to love her Grandpa. She can be one unhappy little girl and Grandpa can pick her up and put her in "Grandpa's Swing" and she calms right down. Thanks to Grandpa being  the baby whisperer for today I managed to help the hubster make a batch of beer, get a few loads of dishes done. It was awesome. I even had a bit to go hibernate in our room in some peace and quiet sans babe.  I have made a list of reasons Grandpa is awesome: ...more

Grandparents are Grand!

Medical Advancements & Aging

A PHARMACY OF LOVE  The other day I was talking to my mother and, somehow, we landed on the topic of current medical protocols used in the treatment of both historical, and current diseases....more

How an IPad Changed Communication with My Dad

My dad doesn't like the phone. He's the sort of father who says "I'll get your mother," at the first opportunity when I ring home. If trapped, because she's not home, he'll talk about the weather or current affairs. (He gets his news from the radio at 9am and 1pm, and the television at 9pm promptly. Missing the headlines is a bad, bad thing. I put a shortcut on the iPad to The Irish Times website when I was at home, but I'm not sure if he's using that yet.) Anyway. I've inherited his dislike of phones, to some extent, so e-mail is the perfect medium for both of us. I don't think he'll be on Facebook any time soon, but that's fine with me. It's a tiny thing, but it's a great thing. If Steve Jobs is to thank for this, then I'm thanking Steve Jobs. ...more
Such a great example of the good side of technology! My 85 year old mom got an iPad last ...more