How an IPad Changed Communication with My Dad

My dad doesn't like the phone. He's the sort of father who says "I'll get your mother," at the first opportunity when I ring home. If trapped, because she's not home, he'll talk about the weather or current affairs. (He gets his news from the radio at 9am and 1pm, and the television at 9pm promptly. Missing the headlines is a bad, bad thing. I put a shortcut on the iPad to The Irish Times website when I was at home, but I'm not sure if he's using that yet.) Anyway. I've inherited his dislike of phones, to some extent, so e-mail is the perfect medium for both of us. I don't think he'll be on Facebook any time soon, but that's fine with me. It's a tiny thing, but it's a great thing. If Steve Jobs is to thank for this, then I'm thanking Steve Jobs. ...more
Such a great example of the good side of technology! My 85 year old mom got an iPad last ...more

Grandpas (or why we love Grumpy Old Men)

Back in first grade, my boy was given a writing prompt that asked, "How Do You Have Fun With Your Grandparents?"And he wrote:"I play wii with my grandpa. I beat him every time because he is a handicap."We laughed. It's okay to laugh. It's a funny sentence.My boy is very competitive.He is also a bit too young to understand the important lexical and connotational differences between someone having a handicap and someone being a handicap....more

An open letter to my grand daughter Victoria Renee

My darling first grand daughter,As I sit here anxiously waiting for your arrival, there are so many things I want to be able to introduce to you. This world, having so much negativity, also has an equal amount (depending how you view it) of so many positive things that surround us in our daily lives. I can not wait for you to have this wonderful opportunity to discover the many prospects in this life....more

The Importance Of Writing Your Ancestor’s Stories

We are the people we are because of the influence of our ancestors. If these stories are unwritten, then how are your children going to know of their heritage? These stories could be lost simply because you failed to write their experiences down....more

Now (and always) is the time... for self care

She's Fat. I'm Pissed.

First it started with her feet hurt and swollen, so we couldn’t go for a walk when I was little.  Then her knees hurt so we couldn’t go to the park.  Then it was her back, her neck, her arms…it was painful to walk and difficult to move so we didn’t go anywhere but to see her at her apartment....more

If You Walk Out of Your Panties...

I'd like to share a nugget of advice that my Grandmama Irene told me 30 years ago that I have never forgotten:"If you ever walk out of your panties, just keep walking." "Come again?" you might ask, as you clutch your pearls and lean in across your chicken salad plate.  Honey, you heard me.  I don't stutter and your ears don't flap.  If you ever walk out of your panties, just keep walking....more

Saturday At Mimi's

On January 16, 1982, a Mimi was born. A fancy grandmother.Was Mimi ever not a fancy grandmother? How did she exist before her first grandchild came into the world? Who did she make chocolate pudding with the skin on top for before that day? Who did she talk about at Garden Club and Birthday Club meetings? Who did she smell good for?...more

My Mom Doesn't Respect Our Santa-Free Christmas

Some of my parenting choices are a little bit unconventional. Not outrageously so, but mildly. I co-sleep and breastfeed my toddler. We did baby-led weaning. I skipped the purees and instead introduced table food at eight months. I don’t believe in spanking and I am not planning on telling my son that Santa Claus is a real person....more
Hi! As soon as I read the title of your post, I knew it was going to be interesting. :) I was ...more

Wiring The Technology Generation Gap

Technology isn’t easy. We all know that. But technology is extra difficult for those who didn’t grow up with it. My parents are no different than anyone else in their age group. They don’t like change, and technological change is an even harder pill to swallow. Grandma and her iPad by Iain Farrell via FlickrMy parents have never had a passion for technology....more
@Darcie My husband writes software but everyone in my family thinks that means that he can help ...more