Extraordinary Prenatal Care

I am receiving good prenatal care. But I am also receiving extraordinary prenatal care. My midwives have sat with me and listened to my hopes and dreams and fears about this birth. They know how close I am to my parents and my siblings and my grandparents. They know how difficult it is for me to see my grandfather, who suffered a severe stroke just two weeks ago, so sick and frail and vulnerable, caught in between life and death for the time being. And so one of my midwives has checked in on me every single day since my grandfather’s stroke. To see how he’s doing. To see how I’m doing. ...more
I love my doctor and midwife, they are great and make me feel at ease. It is so wonderful that ...more

The Christmas Card Crunch

My pals at the North Grafton post office received me with hoots of derision when I walked in on Tuesday holding 150 Christmas cards all stamped and ready to go.  “Not already—you’re early this year!” They remember well the several past years when I’ve sent out my cards AFTER Christmas, referring to them hopefully as “New Year’s cards”. ...more

I Was A Grandparent For A Day

 Last week was Grandparent's Day at my nephew's school. Unfortunately my parents were out of town, so my sister-in-law asked me if I would step in....more




His laugh, low and husky, always makes me smile.  Not a man to rush, he enjoys the moments of his life, no matter how big or small.  'Things have a way of working themselves out," he always tells me.  For a littl...more
Thank you all for your comments. It's hard to believe that something that has lived in my ...more

Love, Patience and Alzheimer's

A week ago, I was watching the “Sex and the City” episode “An American Girl in Paris (Part Deux)”. The scene where Steve takes his mother to the ER and discovers she unknowingly suffered a stroke that caused her to have significant memory loss, made me think of my paternal grandmother and grandfather. My grandfather (known as Pa-Pa), was diagnosed with Alzheimer's before passing away in 2000 and now my Grandma suffers with the disease along with RA. At her request, she still lives in the same house that she and my grandfather shared for many years. My dad along with my aunt and uncle take care of her daily in shifts....more
Thank you for your kind response Victorias_view. You are right, "that is what family does." Take ...more


His chest rose then lowered, the rhythm of Last Breaths continuing as the North wall clock ticked in 4/4 time. His wife’s fingers fidgeted steadily, adding an increasing number of wrinkles to the violet handkerchief in her hands. ...more

Surprise! It's a ...

I was sworn to secrecy… until today.  As my daughter nears the end of her pregnancy (their baby boy is due to arrive in late December), my son and daughter-in-law recently informed us that they are expecting their second child (gender TBD) in May! (I tell you sibling rivalry never ends: For those of you new to this column, my son and daughter had their first babies within ten days of one another in January 2010.)...more

Disaster Plans for Grandparents

Mimi@BoomerGrandparents.com  Disaster Plans for Grandparents...more