A Tale of Love from Two Different Worlds

They lived together and apart, depending on the situation and their obligations. They created three girls and adopted my grandfather's much younger brothers when the boys' parent's died unexpectedly. They moved and made friends, saw Ray Charles when it was still taboo, and laid the foundation for the rest of our family. Through them we have learned what to do, and perhaps more importantly what NOT to do in life and love. ...more
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GG aka Great Grannie (365 Days of Blessings – Day 117)

I am thankful for GGor G-squared as Hubby loving refers to her as.  She has been back in Barbados for the winter, and we’ve missed her lots!  Poppet and I are heading there for dinner tonight and can’t wait!Warmest regards,  ...more

My Italian Grandparents

My maternal grandparents, the Morati's and Scocca's came to the United States from Italy when they were children.  Some of their siblings settled in New York City, some in Atlantic City, and the rest in Philadelphia.  My grandmom passed away when I was in my early teens.  She lost her battle with brain cancer.  She was the first person in my immediate family to die, and her death was traumatic for me....more
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There was a day when I knew nearly all of my great-grandparents and had all of my grandparents. Now a days that just doesn't happen because people start their families so much later in life. Grandparents are awesome and someday I hope to be an awesome granny!   Today's subject on NaBloPoMo is to tell about your grandparents!...more

A "Play Day" For Young And Old Alike...

I set aside another day this week to take my grand daughter, Parker Ann, to play with my mother (her great-grandmother...) for the day.  It brought smiles all around for everyone! ...more

Extraordinary Prenatal Care

I am receiving good prenatal care. But I am also receiving extraordinary prenatal care. My midwives have sat with me and listened to my hopes and dreams and fears about this birth. They know how close I am to my parents and my siblings and my grandparents. They know how difficult it is for me to see my grandfather, who suffered a severe stroke just two weeks ago, so sick and frail and vulnerable, caught in between life and death for the time being. And so one of my midwives has checked in on me every single day since my grandfather’s stroke. To see how he’s doing. To see how I’m doing. ...more
I love my doctor and midwife, they are great and make me feel at ease. It is so wonderful that ...more

The Christmas Card Crunch

My pals at the North Grafton post office received me with hoots of derision when I walked in on Tuesday holding 150 Christmas cards all stamped and ready to go.  “Not already—you’re early this year!” They remember well the several past years when I’ve sent out my cards AFTER Christmas, referring to them hopefully as “New Year’s cards”. ...more

I Was A Grandparent For A Day

 Last week was Grandparent's Day at my nephew's school. Unfortunately my parents were out of town, so my sister-in-law asked me if I would step in....more