Exit Strategy

I have a bad habit of writing misleading titles so I feel compelled to quickly confess. No, this is not a political post about getting out of the wars in the Middle East without leaving an unnerving situation; rather, it’s a family-friendly post about getting out of the house without leaving an unnerving situation....more

Whose Mother's Day Is It?

I don’t look forward to Mother’s Day the way I used to because I now feel it presents a few dilemmas –  not the least of which is the dilemma of the greeting card.  Here are my Mother’s Day greeting card questions and comments – feel free to join in: 1. Should we send my daughter and daughter-in-law Mother’s Day cards? I’ve always thought it sounded funny: Happy Mother’s Day, Daughter....more

A Place to Hang Your Hat

My husband and I recently bought one of those folksy, old-fashioned signs to put on a shelf in the kitchen.  Even though our grandsons are only 15 months old, we’re totally optimistic about their reading ability:...more

Spilled Milk, Broken Vases… cont. “Home in San Salvador, El Salvador”

On the night that Canela and Dulcenia arrived in San Salvador, El Salvador, they were met by Margarita’s personal chauffeur, at a crowded and dirty bus station just like they’d left only hours before. Standing next to a big, fancy black car, he stood handsome and elegant, looking very much like a proud soldier: shoulders erect and head held high. He wore a black uniform—jacket lined with rows of shiny bronze buttons—and cap....more

Raised by Grandparents: When My Mother Stopped Being my Mother

Can you imagine giving your kids to your mom? Or anyone, for that matter? I don’t mean for a weekend or even for a summer vacation. I mean packing up their things and sending them off for an indeterminate amount of time. ...more
I was raised by my grandmother from birth. She died, just a few months after you wrote this. ...more

A Tribute To Amazing Granparents

I've been doing some reminiscing this week.  Thinking back to those who influenced me growing up, and one person always jumps to my mind.  Nana.  She was a wonderful lady.  She was my safe harbour, my confidant, my mentor, and my wind beneath my...more

I Need Some Space!

I've heard over and over again that the best way to get a well-behaved child in public is to remove her from any situation in which she is causing a ruckus.  Screaming at a restaurant.  Back to the car, possibly to drive back home.  Tossing and flopping on the beach, time to go back home, immediately.  I've never quite been able to pull this off because usually when one twin is melting down, the other is completely fine.  To take both twins outside of the area for a calm down period only serves to enrage the happy twin.  To leave the happy twin in the area (whe...more

Mysterious Ways

I could never have imagined that my parents would not meet my son.It didn't once enter my thought process when I dreamed about having a family. In my mind, two sets of grandparents were always part of that equation.Being a parent without parents never ever crossed my mind.They should be here.My son should have two sets of grandparents....more


I have a question.  What do you think of tattoo's?  I may be a bit old fashioned, but I'm not found of them and it seems that our youth think the bigger the better and let it show, let it show.  There has been a situation lately I have discovered, where a granddaughter, 18, got a huge one on her breast that goes up towards her neck.  (She sold her plasma to save the money to purchase.)  She proudly showed it on Facebook for all to see, especially her grandfather who hates them immensely.  She knows his feelings, yet, she comes to the grandfather'...more

Foodies in the Family

My Gee Gee would pay us five cents for every potato bug in our pail. He’d hose mud off of a carrot and off of us at the same time. Shrieking, we’d jump from the spray secretly hoping to get caught by refreshing coldness. He’d hand us roughly cut rhubarb and send us to Baba knowing she’d sit us at the table where we’d dip scarlet tips into glasses of sugar....more