Back to School

Saturday was Charlie’s last day at the Mommy and Me Toddler program.  He had attended all 6 sessions, and it was amazing to see the progress he made. At the first class, he managed to find his way to the exit door through two other rooms, and, sitting in front of it, refused to budge for most of the session. I told my daughter not to worry, he has a great sense of direction! Now, at the last class, he was in the middle of all the action as he tried to catch the teacher’s magic bubbles permeating the room....more

Time to Change it UP

Barbara Freelance Photographer ...more

Good and Active

To all my readers I apologize for my three week hiatus.  No, we were not on an extended vacation... unfortunately.  Instead, time-consuming issues arising from a variety of sources seemed to gather their forces all at once - the good, the bad and the just plain boring. Hopefully, I didn't permanently lose your attention....more

I'm sure you will be hopping with the arrival of your third grand child! It must be a very ...more

It's Raining Tantrums!

8 Ways to Prepare Your Young Child for a Grandparent's Death

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A long Weekend ahead

We have been very luck these past few weeks to have the Sunshineman with us a lot.  The custody agreement in place is such that my daughter has him when the soon to be ex son in law is at work. She works three days a week right now, so when she works we get to have him stay with us.  And with her at work during his weeks we get to have Sunshine those days too, his Dad drops him off and picks him up from us.   ...more

A Mothers Worst Nightmare-What would you do?

The past few weeks I’ve been following the Casey Anthony case in the news. It’s something that I normally end up in tears about because my daughter is a 3 year old brown headed cutie just like little Caylee Anthony was. My heart breaks that such an innocent baby girl had such a terrible thing happen to her....more

3 reasons why Lifetime should cast my boyfriend in a lead role

Blog Directory   .....................are they casting? because I have a handful of reasons I can pull out and show them for why my boyfriend should be the lead in their next lifetime drama. Get a load of this!...more

today i write as a grandmother

Today I write as a grandmother. My very pregnant daughter-in-law and I were chatting on the phone about her latest doctor appointment when she gingerly broached the subject of my babysitting after their second child is born. I have cared for my grandson frequently since his birth a few years ago. His mother wanted to finish getting her degree and then went to work. Her mother and I mostly were able to juggle him back and forth so he was always with family....more celebrates 1 yr. Anniversary

What a year this has been! I haven't needed a Sudoku puzzle to keep my brain active...learning how to manage a WordPress blog from the back-end has been enough to keep my brain as occupied as it needed to be. A blogging award and 430 posts later, confirms that I love blogging, and will continue. I hope you'll all hang in there with me while I enjoy the adventure. ...more