Moment of the Week - 24

A concert of finest quality for Nana!

I Just Know

My kids are only two and a half, and already I find myself saying "I just know" on a daily basis.  But not to the kids.  To the other adults around me.It's a strange phenomenon, knowing something is going to go wrong, but being unable to specifically pin down what it is.  The babies will be doing something obstensibly harmless.  I have no reason that I can find to forbid them from doing it, but I often try anyway.  I just know.  The other adults around me will argue against my decision, rightfully so.  I can't tell them why I've decided against the...more

The Peppermint Plant

My oldest son was my father's first grandchild.  From the first time they laid their round, deep-set eyes on each other, it was love.  They understood each other.  Even as a small baby, my son was as content to be with Grandpa as he was with me.  Grandpa loved that baby with all his heart, and felt as if he had been given a chance to do all the things he couldn't with his own children.  When he was a young man, supporting a large family, there simply wasn't the leisure time to take long walks with babies in strollers.My son worshipped his Grandpa.&nb...more

The Hanging Carrot

 Packing up, leaving the house in a cluttered disarray of wrapping paper and toy pieces, and hurrying off to the airport at 8 a.m....more

Christmas Sucks!

Ok, so I wanted to wait till everyone had come down from the excitement of Christmas to post this.  Christmas sucks without children.  At least it sucks for me and my family.  I know people will think I’m being negative or throwing a pity party because I’m not pregnant yet but, truth is, this has been the unspoken opinion of all my family members for years.  It’s not Christmas without grandparents and the joy of children.  We still go to mass on Christmas Eve, we still make a nice meal, some years we even put up a tree but most of the time we find it all a big hassl...more

Grandparents, and Holiday Madness

It is very hard to resist buying everything you see for your baby's first holiday! Once your little bundle turns 5 and your house is bursting with legos or doll clothes, and never played with toys, you no longer have that urge to 'pick up just one more thing' - that's what Grandparents are for. Those very same Grandparents are probably the ones who continued the toy gluttony that got you into this mess, literally! Raising the Grandparents takes the same skill set as raising your munchkin - patience and consistency. ...more

Because I Said So

Routine changes, as I've said, are hard to deal with both for the toddlers and the adults involved.  Even the slightest change can cause a ripple effect that will last for weeks.When my mother in law visited us, not much changed.  We went out to eat a bit more.  The babies had more attention.  There was an extra person with us.  That's about it.  They still napped at the same time, ate at the same time, went to bed at the same time.  They were still allowed the same things, and not allowed other things.Still, as they learn that not all thin...more

The Grandma Project

My grandmothers are amazing women. After her husband left, my father’s mother raised two sons on her own in the 50s and 60s. She’s the only person on the planet I know who read the 9/11 Commission Report cover to cover. She does the crossword every day and has worn her Merriam-Webster to pieces. If you want your ass handed to you in Scrabble, Grandma P is your gal. She rarely scores below 300 and in the decade or so I’ve been playing her, I’ve beaten her a grand total of 1 time....more

Hi Patty,

I'm sure there's an easier way to do it, but I just put the pictures in a Word ...more

nostalgia in williamsburg, virginia

When my sister, cousin and I were little girls, we used to visit Colonial Williamsburg with my grandparents. It was always wonderful to spend time together. We got to experience carriage rides through the little town, where I once exclaimed to the embarrassment of my family, "That horse is dumping a load!" We experienced fancy dinners at the Williamsburg Inn where I learned that you do not drink the tiny bowl of warm water with rose petals that the server puts on your plate at the end of the meal. That is for your hands! ...more

Are We There Yet?

It always took forever and a day to get to Granny and Grandad's.  Know why?  'Cause my dad drove so daggone slow!  Do you have any idea how long it takes to get the 45 miles between Huntington and Charleston, West Virginia, when you drive 45 miles an hour?  Darn tootin' it takes an hour!  And that's if no one got car sick.  Whenever that happened, we always had to pull over and let whoever barf in the designated coffee can.           My three older brothers and I tried to make the time go faster....more