Recently on a certain photograph-sharing app, someone posted the logo of a website. Curious, I decided to check it out. It’s called The Gratitude Jar. The world’s people go here to record the things for which they are thankful. This way of sharing is inspiring beyond measure. It’s simple and so genius at the same time.

With so many things capable of bringing us down (news, traffic, math) sometimes it is necessary that we remind ourselves of life’s pleasantries. We need to be proactive in changing our attitudes in order to have saner and more comfortable minds.

If we focus our thoughts for just a moment or two each day on the things that are positive, our moods may improve, and the bad things may not seem so bad.

It is uplifting to think about what and whom we are happy to have in our lives and to share it with others. It's a nice break even on good days, and can be a sanity saver on the bad days. Start making a habit of it, and your days just may become easier and nicer.

It feels good. Really. Try it. Be inspired, and inspire others.


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