Gratitude Project 2013 – Day 14 – Grateful for Teachers

Gratitude Project 2013 - Day 14 of 30


Gratitude Thought for the Day

Today I'd like to think about and be grateful for all of the teachers in my life. Now, I'm not talking specifically about classroom teachers... although certainly I've had some of those who were wonderful. Instead, I'd like to focus on people who taught me about life and how to live it.

I started babysitting when I was 13 years old. I wasn't much taller than my Amber (I didn't hit 5 ft until high school) and I remember the first time I showed up to babysit for a family... the dad looked at me incredulously and said, "This is the babysitter?" I ended up not only babysitting but teaching piano to his children for the next three years.

The Lewandowski family was wonderful... I loved taking care of Billy and Elisabeth. (Hey, just finding someone else on the planet who spelled the name Elisabeth the way I do was a minor miracle! LOL) Mrs. Lewandowski was eons ahead of her time. I had never met anyone before who used honey in place of sugar... who didn't give their children cow's milk... who even knew what the word "gluten" meant, much less how to cook "gluten free"! I look at the type of mother I have become and my beliefs about natural health and healing... and I have to chuckle. I learned all of that sitting at the table in the Lewandowski household as a young teen.

Other babysitting families came into my life and stayed... I learned how to get medicine into a strong, recalcitrant toddler from the Jones family... I learned how to calm a child with sensory issues from the Carter family... I learned about appreciating children's different personalities and allowing them to flourish as themselves from the Poley family... and on and on.

When I was a young mother, I got a job at a funeral home (I know, depressing, huh?) and the office manager took a huge interest in little Alison (who is now 21!) Alice shared her life and her heart with me. She had been widowed for some time... her kids were grown (even her grandkids were teens) and she gifted me with the wisdom of a lifetime filled with hard work, challenges and troubles, but a steady faith and firm belief in the power of love. I know that much of how I raise my children and the words that come out of my mouth on so many issues come straight from her.

The examples are numerous, but I think these get the point across. Teachers come into our lives in so many ways. They don't wear signs or look a certain way. Sometimes they are the elderly, sometimes they are children... they might be co-workers or bosses or even those we are responsible for managing. Be open... listen to the experiences of those around you with an open mind. You never know where a teacher may emerge.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. -- Unknown origin, often attributed (falsely) to Buddha or a number of Theosophists... true in essence if vague in origin!

Your Turn... Journal It!

Who taught you about life? It could be anything... from how to ride a bike, how to fry an egg, how to iron a shirt... to how to forgive, how love, how to fight through adversity... Don't miss any of the Gratitude 2013 posts:


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