Gratitude: The Secret Key to Happiness

Everyone from cognitive therapists to priests to self help gurus keep trying to get through our heads is that when we are thankful and grateful, we are happier and more content. Period. Once I start thinking of what I have to be grateful for, I could go on forever. Perhaps that is why I am basically joyful.

I even read a book, written by a monk, that claims that gratitude is the key to opening the door to the spiritual life. I have discovered that this is true. So come with me. Stop for a moment and think of just a few of the hundreds of things that you are grateful for and join us with a gratitude list of your own.I will help get your mind moving in the right direction..

My Gratitude List

  • I am happy that I have all my limbs, that I breathe on my own, that I can see and hear and basically that my body is healthy
  • I am of sound mind….. ummm . that depends on who you are talking to but from my perspective, I am in deed of sound mind.
  • Somehow we managed to raise 9 great kids and I am proud of each one of them, even slightly flabbergasted that they turned out so well
  • I am grateful to be the grandmother of 4 and three quarters grandchildren who are strikingly gorgeous!


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