Gravity's Law

In a land far away

All is sad, no children play

This land is dark with clouds hanging on

This is the place tears come from

Fears and screams are from here too

Caged monsters live in our zoos

Fairytales birthed just over the hill

Sent to earth, to find bones to chill

The big bad wolf is very mean

A curse from God, delivered in a dream

The very first nightmare ever made

Starring a wolf in the Everglades

We are somewhere between Heaven and Hell

No quite sure, we never could tell

Our world is flat, we often fall

Sucked in a funnel

Following gravity’s law

Striking the earth

With debris we are spat

Onto land, scattering like rats

Please Dear Lord

Allow us to stay

Where the days are sunny

And the children play

Renee Robinson