Great Baby Shower Ritual: FootBath & Foot Massage Instructions

A foot bath is a wonderful way to pamper the expecting mom at her baby shower, and allow her to rest her tired, achy feet. She'll appreciate you trimming her toe nails and exfoliating rough spots - bending over to care for her feet is challenging at the end of pregnancy!

Traditionally, a foot bath is performed by her midwife, but friends and family can do it just as well. Here are some instructions you can  follow:

1. Fill a basin full of comfortably warm water and gentle soap. Allow her to soak her feet for a few minutes.

2. Add foot salts to relieve any aches in her feet and legs.

3. Sprinkle the water with flower petals or herbs. For example: rose petals, lavender buds, mint, lemon balm or calendula buds.  (read more here)