The Great Battle

In our house we have one Great Battle that I suspect will be playing out until we are old and weathered and sleeping in separate rooms at the nursing home: the temperature inside our house.

My husband does not want the temperature to go above 68F (20C) and prefers it if it’s closer to 65F (18C)… even on days like the Snowpocalypse. “Put on another sweater” he says, “do jumping jacks” he says.

I prefer to NOT have to dress like a homeless person in my own home. I would be happy if the thermostat were at 72F (22C) and even 74F (23C) on days like the Snowpocalypse.

Yet here I sit, in front of the big drafty 40 year old windows, with wool socks, two layers on top and a blanket wrapped around my waist. And I dared turn the thermostat up to 68. My fingers are cold, my nose is cold. I keep re-heating my coffee because it cools down too fast.

And I know I’m going over the edge when I surf over to WalMart to see exactly how much a Snuggie would run me…

Is this a common fight? Can it be resolved?

I know my husband’s reasoning is the simple cost of heating the home. But my reasons are more emotional.

I spent some time growing up in northern Alberta, just 80km from the border of the Northwest Territories. We lived in a single wide trailer on an acreage outside of town. I remember being told that the school bus only stopped running at -30C (-22F), but I sure remember getting up in the dark dawn, huddled over the heating vent with a blanket so we could trap the heat in a little tent to get dressed. My mother put our socks and underwear in the oven to warm them…

Whenever my kids come up to me and their hands are cold… I feel bad. I feel like they should be warmer. Yet they don’t complain, they don’t care and will put on more clothes. My daughter in particular seems to have her dad’s furnace – she can run around naked and happy at 68F while I’m in two layers of clothes.

Since starting this blog post I’ve gotten colder… I grabbed the heating pad from the closet and am now sitting on it! In a few moments I will go have a hot shower, use all the hot water and that will keep me warm for at least another hour…

What is your thermostat set at in the winter?




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