The Great Bean Pod Dump of 2012

As the big rain storm hit our house a couple of weeks ago, so did something else. It sounded like World War III. Around here, we are used to thunder and lightning, high winds, hail and a tornado now and then. I looked outside expecting to see golf-ball-sized hail or a tree branch barreling toward our house, but all that I saw were a gazillion bean pods being hurled from our big tree out front--a Honey Locust. Don't let the name fool you. There is nothing sweet about Miss Honey Locust. She is a witch with a capital 'B.' Every year, usually in September and October, she has a massive case of PMS. This year it came early and The Great Bean Pod Dump of 2012 began. So far we have bagged up about 30 bags of bean pods. It is hard work getting rid of these medieval weapons of torture, but a great chore for my landscape engineers (da boyz).

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