A great cup of coffee, wear what ever you want.

A recent commercial for a coffee product to me conveyed the message of how great it is to have a great cup of coffee at home. Since she was home she could have her coffee wearing anything she wished. She was wrapped in a towel.

There are many reasons I do not drink my great cup of coffee in a towel, only one of which is the "hot" part of a great cup of coffee. But I could not agree more about having a great cup of coffee any time I want. It is in fact a necessity,not a luxury. (Sorry no prize, but how many times have I said "a great cup of coffee"?)

Here is what I love about a "gcoc" any time of day. Hi! Please come in, I just brewed a pot of coffee from fresh roasted beans and ground just right for my coffee maker. Can you smell that fresh coffee scent? I'll pour you a cup. Inhale, just for a second you are captured by the scent and unaware of anything else. Blow on it a little, now sip. The best taste always begins with the scent. Yummm.

That itty bitty escape from the everyday, how I cherish it.

PS. Did you remember to count the gcoc in the title? Of course you did.   




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