Great Expectations Fallen-Love Meets Again

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With great expectation there is tragedy which must be overcome to find the truth of what love is.  The illusions of child-like mind must face the vanities of the world to find out how deep deception goes, and also find what the yearner leaves behind.

So I just finished watching “Great Expectations”.  A touching movie reminding us how human we are in yearning for love and unable to leave the past behind, unable to deceive ourselves that we can build the world that gives us everything. 

As young pip years to be a “gentleman” of “good stock” he learns that the wealthy have more secrets than they possess kindness or honorable character.  How often we dream of someone’s life only to find out that the life we chase is only in our imagination.  Wealth and deception seem to be two sides of one coin called life.

As Pip falls in love with Estelle, who chooses wealth and coldness, and relieving her adopted mom’s wounded past, she discovers herself.  As Pip balances self-actualization through money, in the loss of wealth he finds that the people he shunned in his early states of poverty are the ones who bail him out of poverty.  His moment of grace comes from his childhood enemy turned new friend who helps him open a trading business which brings him face to face with the love he lost to games, murder and money. Without a choice he enteres self actualization.

In her brokenness and the death of all around her, his love Estelle faces his love full circle; tragedy brings her back to writing to Pip, the only honest person love who loved her rotten character pruned by wealth and desires; he saw beauty in her everything when she was a child: pip, the blacksmith who fancies himself a knight meant for her, the man she would not let into her life of power and image.

As I watch this English movie (much like it's American reality) filled with humanistic themes, constructed within the British’s dryness of the harsh realities of human nature with slight optimistic tones, I find it beautiful to remember how remarkable the soul is as captured fully; the soul holds tightly to memories of the things that inspire it to greatness: for pip it is a memory of a young woman in which he finds the beauty and coldness of God; for Estelle it is the memory of a boy courageous enough to fight for her honor. Beyond the heart which is confused by the mind's knowledge, the soul yearns for something it cannot forget, which it can only find in the other who calls it to aspire to forget the harshness of the past.  Can you embrace this love? 

In the end, broken and bruised the lovers find each other again, allowing themselves to be loved and to love. Can each broken person be as brave as Pip and Estelle and step forward to reach out to the love they took for granted, and ask for what cannot be bought: friendship and trust?  I dare say, when the priority is renouncement of all things false for the sake of love which inspires the courageous in you, there is nothing your soul can’t accomplish!

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