Great Gift Ideas: Easy Fabric Headband

I have a couple headbands I bought at a craft fair a few years ago that I love.  I wanted a couple more and decided to do a search for a headband pattern but came up empty.  So in true Crafting Hobbit form I made my own pattern and decided to share it with everyone. I used my sewing machine but you could always hand sew this as well.



Fabric (this is a great project for scrap)

2 hair elastics

iron (optional)

needle and thread


Since I already had a headband I knew fit me I measured that (I only measured the fabric part since the elastics will add all the stretch you need).  If you don't have a headband then measure your head stopping behind your ears (again to account for the elastics and the stretch).  I have an average size head and it was about 13 inches for me.


I wanted a 3/4" wide headband so I made sure to cut a  1 3/4"" wide strip of fabric (remember seam allowances).  You can always cut 2 separate pieces of fabric, but this way you have less seams to sew.


Fold the fabric in half the long way with wrong sides facing and stitch up one long side.


Now turn your tube right side out.  I keep a set of chopsticks in my crafting table to help with this.



Iron your tube flat turning in the ends 1/4" and ironing those as well.



Take your 2 elastics and link them together.




To attach the elastic take one loop end of the elastic and place it in the end of your tube.  Top stitch the tube closed being careful not to catch the elastic.  I found if I pin the elastic to the corner it keeps it out of the way.

Repeat for the other end of your tube making sure not to twist the fabric.


You're done.




This is a simple and fin gift for girls of all ages.  Use their favorite colors, find fabrics with their favorite characters or sports teams to make it even more personalized. Make it a fun project together by using fabric glue and adding embellishments.




This is the last installment of my "Great Gift Ideas" series.  I hope everyone enjoyed it.  Happy Holidays every one.


TeawithFrodo  is a crafting mommy of a very energetic little boy.


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