the great job hunt: the dreaded resume and application process


i am a college graduate.  my job prospects should be endless, correct?  i should qualify for every job that i want.  at least that is what i was sold.  (true i have a pretty much bullshit degree, but i have one!)

in this move to washington, i am trying to take it easy on the job front.  i want my focus to be on my family than a career.  i am still young, and my husband has our life pretty much secured. i was the bread winner in the first six years of our marriage.  now he is the money maker.  and we agreed to make it this way.  my focus is to be house and home, while he will pull more of the weight on the job front.

we decided that i would find a job out here that made me a number.  not an essential employee, but employee number 1330654.  with my desire to work in photography, i thought that the walmart studio ( would be the perfect fit.  easy hours, a fun job that i would enjoy and a cog in the wheel.  one of many employees.

i spoke to the lady who did my first interview, she said she didn't take me for the job because i am college educated.  she said that in the past, if they have hired someone with even an associates degree, they have found they bore easily and they lose them to better prospect of a job.

i wish i would have lied on my application.

so now, here i sit with a stack of generic store applications, practically begging to work there.  they have no idea that their job would be perfect for me.  i'm not looking for bigger and better things, i want to be a cashier.  i don't even want to be head cashier.  i just want a work schedule that pays, and i am able to clock out and not even think about work when i go home.

i feel like saying this to a interviewer would sound asshole-y.

me: i really do want your menial job," mr or mrs interviewer, "and i only want to do just what is expected of me.  i don't want to excel in this field, i want to be just perfectly happy smiling and scanning groceries for eight hours, and when i clock out, i want people to even forget i work there."

how do i get that point across without sounding like a jerk?  do i lie about my education?  pretend that i have a ged so i can get these jobs that i really want?

what would you do? 


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