Great Last Minute Gifts for the baby!



OK!   So you are a last minute shopper!  Waiting to the last minute doesn't mean you don't deserve to get the best gifts available.  Check out these awesome gifts from the Bride and Baby Boutique! 

Little girls giggle and smile when they play "patty cake" with mommy and daddy, and this impressive baby gift set brings the beloved interactive nursery rhyme to life! The enchanting tower of graduated boxes features the complete nursery rhyme, introduced by an adorable babyórolling pin in hand--wearing a chef's hat and an apron marked "baby." Except for the pink receiving blanket, the layette items are white with pink trim and have embroidered accents.  

Price:  Only $32 at the Bride and Baby Boutique!

Bon jour! I am sweet Monsieur leSqueak, and I adore fromage! Fromage? That is cheese en Francais. Les enfants love my soft, Swiss-cheesy blanket as much as they love moi. I may be a petit mouse, but I am very big with bebes because we both love hugs! 


Only $35 from the Bride and Baby Boutique

When it's feeding time, these adorable animals are ready to catch every crumb! The box, complete with nutrition information, is reminiscent of a childhood favorite(animal crackers, of course!) and inside are four familiar faces—a gentle giraffe, a giant-eared elephant, a mischievous monkey and a long-maned lion. Each one is appliquéd on an absorbent bib, and all four are hoping baby gets the lion's share!


Only $12 from the Bride and Baby Boutique 




Like the heroine in a modern-day fairy tale, this stunning eight-piece layette for baby girl comes galloping in on a beautiful horse! Baby Aspen's fabulously unique newborn gift rocks! A baby gift designed to gallop straight into Mom and Dad’s heart!


Only $120 From the Bride and Baby Boutique


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