The Great Lice Pandemic of 2012

I get a call this morning as I’m rushing out the door for our Church Tubing party.  It was Grandma.  She had watched Poppet yesterday so I could attend an event.  Apparently there is a head lice issue that has surfaced in the family.  Now, I’ve never had lice, but the thought of these little creatures taking hold in my home is terrifying.  I had to go, and waited the entire ride to the tube park eager to rip of Poppet’s little touque and look for infestations!  No sign of the little buggers!

Then everyone I run into tells me to keep checking for a week.  What!?!?!  A week!?!?!  No way!!!!!  That’s it, now I’m gonna do something about it.  My mum sent us the info on tea tree oil treatment.  We go through the entire gamut.  Apparently if you have lice you then repeat this entire cycle a week later.  Hoping to avoid the double duty.  After putting tea tree oil and olive oil in our hair for 15 minutes and trying to wash it out, that bathroom was left with oil on EVERY surface.  It was taking our own lives into our hands just to shower the stuff out of our hair!


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