The Great Mandala: On Writing in the Electronic Medium

This is an excerpt from today's NaBloPoMo post on what writing in blog form means...


...Much as a mandala is a symbol for the entire world, the word mandala means circle, connection, and community. I like to think of writing a blog to be a mandala. I enjoy the process of creating and writing. I enjoy the finished post and being on a blog it is simultaneously obsolete and uniquely pertinent upon the click of the publish button. It can be easily lost forever with a few errant keystrokes. It only holds the attention of the reader for a blink and the writer is finished with it, so looks to the next reading and writing task.

A piece of writing that is so easily swept away by the slightest key stroke can also be smeared by a misunderstanding by the writer or a miscommunication by the author. The design of the words can be so carefully crafted, but once it is done, they no longer belong to the writer and can be destroyed at any time.

Conversely, the impermanence of the design must be treated with great care....(read more)


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