Great Minds

    Yesterday I was blessed to hear Temple Grandin and Alex Plank speak their words of wisdom. Both are on the autism spectrum and have never let that hold them back. Dr. Temple Grandin has revolutionized the beef industry, written books and professional literature, and is a professor. She has designed all kinds of things for the beef farmers and has captivated anyone with an interest in autism. Yesterday parents, teachers, and other people with autism listened to as she captivated the auditorium.

She was fast and furious with her wisdom. She jumped right in and told everything she knows to be true and never slowed down. Have you ever realized you are in the presence of greatness? It sounds trite but it was certainly true.

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I think that her most profound statement was in our expectations of our kids. She was speaking of children with autism but I think it applies to all kids. We don’t expect enough. We have kids going out into the world who have never had any responsibility, have no manners, and have had excuses made for them their whole lives.  Oh, I could go on and on, but the bottom line is to have high expectations of your kids. All of them.

The other great mind on my mind is Steve Jobs. I’ve always admired his genius and see that many others feel the same. One thing I am seeing pop up constantly is that he was adopted. I wish that the media didn’t explore this in his death, but in his life.  I am sure it will be written about in a way to create drama for the media but I wish they would take this opportunity to show the world that a child who is adopted isn’t loved less than any other.

In fact, about twice as much. Birthparents never stop loving their child. Adoptive parents love like they gave birth to that child. I don’t see why people feel the need to dig into his life now. I almost see it as the media thinking they have found his Achilles heel. Maybe this is what I notice because I have adopted and know the questions that come. We don’t ask people why their parents divorced, what their salary is, or “Hey, have you had that mole checked?”. (some nosy people do but they have NO MANNERS and I try to scurry away when I see them coming)

I wish Joy were awake to proof this, but I’ll just leave saying we need to reflect on our own greatness. We all have it and are sometimes in such a rush to follow famous people that we lose sight of what we know to be right, to be genius.   Yes, look for examples but don’t rely on others for everything.

So… stop making excuses, take responsibility, and do something.  (with manners, of course)




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