Great news for this Aspiring Photographer!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My question of the day is, can I write as Dexter is on the tv! I saw this episode Sunday night, but the hubs fell asleep and is catching up.  I’m using this opportunity to write today’s NaBloPoMo, as he’s deeply engrossed in the show.  

I received fantastic news today!  I got a return email from the editor of GO magazine, Air Tran’s in flight magazine, and she has selected one of my photos to be published with an article about the golf course near our home!  She thanked me and told me she is giving me credit for the photo.  woo hoo!!! I’m composing the perfect thank you letter in my head.  Something that says “can I please have an issue” and “anytime, you are welcome to my photos”.  I can hardly believe this has happened!  woo hoo.  sorry for the two hoo’s but I’m excited!  Being discovered is my dream and this is a step in the right direction! 

Before I left for Nikki’s house this morning, I uploaded the photos I took the other day when hubby and I were golfing. I sent our golf pro a tweet telling him there were new fall photos up on Flickr, of the autumn colors on the golf course.  He responded right away asking where they were. I was brushing my teeth while they were uploading so I let him know I’d link them in a sec.  His response was:  “times up”  haha John.  

They are all up on Flickr now, but I haven’t geotagged them yet or added titles to them.  And then, before I knew it, I read a tweet from @EdgewoodGC saying that “staff photographer K. Sandoval” has uploaded new photos of the course, with a link.  Holy cow batman!  Now I’m Staff Photographer!  I’m certain John is the reason that Go magazine asked me for a photo. He’s more than just the golf pro, he’s been a friend of both hubby and I for years.  And I’m pretty sure he sent Jesse from Go to my Flickr account.  Thank you John :) 

While I was having health/depression issues last winter, he asked me to come to the club and shoot some snow pictures.   Just him asking me to do that sparked a fire under my butt to get off the chair and go shoot the falling snow.  

I’ve got another friend, an online friend (LOM it’s you) who motivated me to get off my butt and shoot when I was going through chemo.  I thank both of you for believing in me and my artistic photography hobby.  :)  And for kicking my butt out of the “feeling sorry for myself” emotions.  

Dexter is distracting me... but blog post 3 is done!






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