Great News! One Child Rapist is now off the streets!



Brian Denby – child rapist

   This, ladies, is Brian Denby.  Don’t let his devastatingly good looks fool you.  Brian is a confessed child rapist.  A couple of days ago I posted a story about a predator who jumped the fence at an abuse crisis center for kids and raped 2 young girls as other children looked on.  Yep, this is him.

   Doesn’t look like someone who would be so desperate or disgusting to rape little girls does he?  He looks like an action movie star, a model or a Magic Mike stripper but no, he is a sick human being.

   In the police report the girls describe the attacker as a man with light eyes, tattoo on his shoulder and what appeared to be a bullet wound on his other shoulder.

rapist copy


Let’s see:

  1. Light Eyes – Check
  2. Tattoo on shoulder – Check
  3. Wound on shoulder – Oh Hey, Check!
  4. Confession when he was arrested – CHECK!


  Thanks to a few great tips, police arrested Brian on Monday as he arrived from a Bahamian cruise.  They walked right into his stateroom and surprised him.  Welcome Back Brian!

   What Brian’s looks show us, though, is that a monster doesn’t necessarily look like a monster.  We expect hope that someone who is sick, evil, a monster, wired wrong or whatever label you want to put on it, would look a certain way.  Preferably a dirty scary looking appearance.  One that screams RUN when you see him.  Sadly, it isn’t always the case.  They come in all forms – ugly, handsome, scary, charming…

   We need to practice vigilance and awareness.  Teach our children to be aware and not immediately trust strangers based on their looks and appearance.  Brian Denby, Ted Bundy and others used their looks to lure girls and women into a false sense of security before doing unimaginable horrors to them.

With awareness, vigilance, and knowledge we can make a difference.

Be Safe and Stay Fabulous!

Cathy Steinberg

Know what to do when it matters most!


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