The Great Pumpkin Ball

In honour of Halloween I thought I'd share our visit to the Pumpkin exhibit at the botanical gardens. J, the 4 year old, was sick the day his class went there and I know he was very disappointed. So last Sunday we rushed to visit since it was the last day of the event.

This annual celebration is a contest where people decorate pumpkins in any way they desire and then submit them to be displayed. There are prizes for the best decorated (for different age groups) and also for the biggest pumpkins (based on weight).

This huge pumpkin was the 3rd place winner at 681 lbs (the 1st place winner was 980 lbs).  J doesn't look impressed but it's one of the things that he remembers most about the visit.

What could be more fascinating than a pond full of floating skulls and a skeleton about to dive in! 

Angry birds pumpkins was a personal favourite. Though he asked where the yellow one was (I didn't even remember there was a yellow one). Yes, the game is an obsession here too.

This soccer ball pumpkin looked so real he had to touch it. 

Of course, then he made his own decorated pumpkin (with the help of his nonna). The picture doesn't show all the interesting details so I'll list a few. There was a kermit the frog toy at the top, a pearl necklace, crayons glued all over it and a complete roll of scotch tape. He had a great time making it.

This is the part of Halloween that I remember the most from when I was growing up. The decorations and all of the costumes felt almost magical to me. I hope you all had a fabulously decorated Halloween ;)

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