Great Reads

There are so many amazing books out there. Stories of love, life, happiness, sadness, difficulties, challenges, dreams. Books about starting a business, creating a blog, teaching children at home and so much more. These stories represent us, throughout the many stages that we experience on our journey to our destination. Each one, is the visual personification of us. They are mirrors, looking at us. Encouraging us to look at ourselves and challenging us to be better. Then, some just encourage us to not take ourselves so seriously. One of the books that come to mind is Aisha Tyler's 'Self-Inflicted Wounds'. Great, funny, classic and brave. I find it incredibly brave of her to open herself up like that to us and made us laugh in the process. It was so enriching to see that. So many people cause a scene or have a fit if just one of their secrets, let alone embarassing moments. But, she allowed the world to see her secrets, flaws and worries. Many people would call that vulnerable. But, I say it takes great bravery to completely shed your skin and just let it all out. I find that incredibly exciting. Now to be perfectly honest with you, I could not do  same thing. But, I appreciate and applaud you, Ms. Tyler. I wonder what we would do  if we were given that platform. Would we be fearless enough to be that open? Or would pride get in the way and hinder us from growing and accepting ourselves? When we're able to admit things about ourselves, whether it is fear of failure, or fear of our failures comin to light. Growing comes from moments like this. Those uncomfortable, 'Make us blush' moments. We must be able to allow ourselves to see within and build an unbreakable fence. This is one of the reasons why I love books. I can read a variety of different books and receive life building blocks. You never know what lessons and amazment awaits you until you open it up and allow the book to speak to you. I recommend Self- Inflicted Wounds to all of you. I really think that you all will enjoy it.


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