Great Sites about Women in the Media I had to share!

In my last blog post, I wrote a little about how I feel the media simply isn’t doing enough collectively to keep this wonderful nation as educated as it once was. To add fuel to the fire, the way women are presented among the media airways simply isn’t via a powerful perspective, and for women to gain power in the world, that must change. Because while it is inspiring to hope for, Beyoncé isn’t completely right…women do not run the world….yet! :-)

Fortunately there are some publications, organizations and websites that recognize this and are doing more to empower media and promote ethical presentation among the airways…sites such as The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and Media Matters For America. But I’m not sure how many people actually know about some of these wonderful sources. So I am using this blog post to promote websites and media outlets that, in my opinion, see women as serious, amazing human beings. I feel these outlets promote women as real people and not plastic Barbie images who care about nothing more than their weight and their looks. By the way, check out Adios Barbie when you get a chance too. It’s a great site about women and images, and the original promoters of the internet game you may want to play called Feed the Model!

I hope you will take the time to explore these sites and magazines, and share them with the people in your life, especially women and girls. I also hope that you will learn something about women that you didn’t know before that is more valuable than bikini waxes and which purse color is currently in style.  On a side-note, and to show my respect, I probably should thank the old-style forms of media that brought women into the press spotlight in the first place. One step can lead to another, but now a greater step needs to be taken…kind of like a giant step on the moon sort of thing. But it needs to be "one giant leap for WOMANkind." The incredible Gloria Steinem started the change with Ms. Magazine, but now media outlets need to grow more in a positive way for women. So I hope you enjoy these sites…and hey, maybe the first American female president will read/ watch/ listen to some of these too. I will update this list from time to time.

Great Sites to Promote Women in the Media:


The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

WWC: The Women’s Media Center

Women’s Views On News

Media Matters For America

Our America with Lisa Ling

Adios Barbie

Ms. Magazine and the Ms. Magazine Blog

Womens Radio 

Lilith Magazine 

Bitch Media (from the creators of BITCH Magazine) 

Forbes Woman 



EVE (Equal Visibility Everywhere)


Pink News Blog 

Women’s Voices For Change

Rights of Women

World News with Diane Sawyer

Latina Lista 

Alliance of Faith & Feminism 

Mother Jones 

This Week with Christiane Amanpour

Sherights Blog 

Yes! Magazine

National Public Radio (NPR)

Slate/ XX Factor Web Magazine

On The Issues Magazine 

The Rachel Maddow Show 

National Council For Research on Women (NCR)

OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network)

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