Great skin - genetic or cosmetic?

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This is one of those posts I shouldn't write because I know I'm jinxing myself. I will regret it, I'm sure. But here goes...

I have great skin.

Not that I don't the ocassional wayward breakout or undereye bags, and yes, there was this two-year period where every time I stepped on a plane to LA, I would arrive with a zit so huge between my eyes ("My LA Zit") that my colleagues on the other coast thought it was permanent. Lovely.

But otherwise? Great skin. And having officially joined the legions of forty-somethings last month, I'm not complaining.

Here's my confession though: I don't deserve it.

I have horrible skincare habits.

I don't have a skincare "regimen." I rarely wash my face at night and I have the mascara smudges on my pillow to show for it. I use a decent enough cleanser and daily moisturizer, but I skip all that night cream and toner and undereye cream stuff. In fact, when cosmetic counter salespeople try to hard sell me on how "Now at your age, you should really be starting to use X" I respond with, "Well, how old is my age?"


At which point I thank them for the suggestion and tell them I'll hold off a little longer on the $45 eye cream.

All of which makes me wonder how much of great skin is genetic, and how much is actually magic in a jar. It also makes me suspect that every time a supermodel credits some high end potion for her perfect, dewy, poreless complexion, she's full of it.

She should credit her mom.

Am I off base here?

Liz Gumbinner is the publisher and editor-in-chief of the shopping blog Cool Mom Picks, author of Mom-101, and a contributing editor to Blogher BeautyHacks.


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