The Great Staffing Company - How To Know You've Picked A Winner

There are a lot of staffing companies out there. Some of those companies do a good job and others do a great job. How do you know if you selected the right one? Here are four ways of knowing that you made the right choice:

1.     They listen to you. A great staffing company not only knows the roles that you are trying to fill, but they also they also do their best to figure out what you are looking to accomplish overall. The better they understand your goals and direction, the more efficient they can be in sending over the right candidate quickly. When a staffing company doesn’t listen, it can result in false starts and misfires that waste time and money. But remember, you need to be clear in what you’re looking for too. It’s a partnership, so communication is key. Talk and the great ones will listen.

2.     They grasp your culture. The best matches are made when the people you hire fit on a deeper level than just a skill set. A great staffing company understands your values and culture and connects you with people who share those same viewpoints. This is an area where intangibles add up to something meaningful. A great staffing firm “gets” your culture and sends quality choices who keep you moving forward.

3.      They promote your company. Sometimes companies are so focused on filling an empty position that they forget that how they handle the process is going to say a lot about their company to a group of people who may never have heard of them before. A great staffing company can sell candidates on your business. They highlight the benefits of the opportunity, and once the perfect person is found, they dialogue as to why this role will be a great step in the candidate’s career. Assuming that everything is in alignment, the person being sent over is going to be committed to working for you. Because the great staffing company has already talked about it. And those you didn’t choose this time will still feel positive about the professionalism of their experience.

4.      They take care of their candidates. Staffing is a people-based business. It always reflects well when a staffing company takes care of its candidates. That can mean that when they are working as a temp, they can receive benefits from the staffing firm itself. That could also mean that they offer resume or interview help while their talent pool is in transition. The great staffing companies care about each party and it’s important to them that they’re making the right connection to benefit everyone.

Don’t just stay with a good staffing firm, demand a great one. Not only will it alleviate a lot of the pain of hiring, it will make you and your company better. Because with a great partnership, you can just call and say, “Get me another person!” and they know exactly what you are looking for. And the person is perfect.

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