by Tracey Jackson

I know that sounds like the lyric of a cheesy song. I actually happen to have a great fondness for cheesy songs and I’m now humming the Greatest Love of All to myself as I write this. And if I wasn’t’ too lazy I would actually go find an iPod that is charged and put in a dock and play it.
But I digress, I remember when I used to think of a luxury as something fabulous, a big diamond, or fur coat, (though I won’t have one) something out of reach or something really frivolous. And then people would say, “Time, now that is the greatest luxury of all.”
Time ~ I don’t know about any of you, but this is what I’m feeling, I’m always at least ten minutes more of it. I keep hearing myself saying, “Ten more minutes.” Ten more minutes and I will be dressed, ten more minutes to finish a project, I will call you, email you, transfer the money,write the note, find the lost earring, organize the photos, make the dinner reservation, cook the dinner, find Lucy’s sneakers, write the blog, the bio,the outline. I will  book the plane, the vet, next Christmas’ hotel rooms, fill out the summer camp health forms, order the wedding gift, the baby gift, the vitamins. I WILL DO EVERYTING IN TEN MINUTES!!!
But, where are those ten minutes??? I now understand the luxury of time.
Time to do nothing, or at least catch up. I know, I know, I wrote a whole blog about time management, and I am actually very good at time management but that does not mean I do not always feels like Big Ben is bonging in my ear.
Yesterday was Sunday, right? Sunday is the day we are supposed to sort of relax. Even God got Sunday off or at least he had time to read the paper and catch up on his correspondence.
So at eight fifteen we rolled out of bed. I had to take the nine fifteen exercise class as Lucy had a performance of her acting group at noon, so as to not feel RUSHED, I allowed half an hour for coffee. As Glenn and I were drinking our coffee I said, “Wonder what time she has to be there, probably 11:30.” I was going to take her I since I was attending to the twelve o’clock show and he was going to the two. I actually went to both; I needed to say that, as I feel guilty for being on the road so much lately.
Then I thought maybe we better check with Lucy, so we went in and woke her up.
“What time do you have to be at rehearsal?” As soon as she came to consciousness – she looked at the clock and yelled “NINE” At that moment it was eight –forty.
And we were off and running. Talk about late; she leapt out of bed, scolding us for not getting her up. We scolded her for not bothering to tell us she needed to be there at nine. We scolded each other for not bothering to check with her the night before and then because I had to have something tangible to blame it on, I blamed it on iChat. “If you weren’t so involved with iChat you would have remembered and we wouldn’t be rushed. Hey, I needed something. We were now a good thirty minutes behind.

And that was the start of Sunday, the day we are supposed to rest. And I was pretty much ten minutes behind most things for the rest of the day. I wasn’t actually late to anything; I just kept thinking if I had ten more minutes I wouldn’t feel so rushed.
That is the issue, it’s not about being late, or behind, it’s about the luxury of feeling like you are not always running to the next thing.
I don’t actually have an answer for this. I felt sort of the same way all day today. I suppose a half hour time cushion would be a solution. But where will one find that if ten minutes seems out of reach?
If anyone out there has the answer let me know. I have to end this now as I promised someone I would call them in ten minutes and that was yesterday.




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