New Zealand

So Greedybread???

I love bread, yeast, dough and all manifestations of it. My yeasty intentions is to share my collection of tried and true recipes, my new recipes and my bread trials with you.

EVERYTHING I give you a recipe for, will have been made by myself so I am like your guinea pig. I have to say that 99% of the time, it’s not a bad gig at all.

There will be old and familiar recipes and new and maybe weird combo’s BUT let’s try them all……It gives me a chance to explore the history of bread and Bread in my own country, NZ.

At the moment I am experimenting with types of starters, such as Biga’s and with Poolish.

I particularly like sweet breads and sour dough type breads.

Hopefully I can pass on some of my passion to you….

Ideally I would just like to bake bread when the feeling takes me, read and blog….and run…

But in the real world, I have a full-time paid job and a unpaid job keeping a Husband, 3 boys, 4 cats and 3 birds in check. Maybe they keep me in check?

I also lead tours in the NZ summer (Italian winter) around Lucca, so if you are looking for an interesting getaway or something different, check out my website.

I am developing a bread/ biscuits tour for November and January/February 2013/ 2014.

i love lucca pane???

So who knows, we meet up!!