Greek Yogurt Egg Salad

I love eggs. I always have - just ask my parents. I could knock back 3 to 4 at a time when I was little!  But really, what's not to love? Eggs are a fantastic source of protein, lutein (crucial for eye health), and vitamin D.


 Although eggs (yolks specifically) are high in cholesterol, the degree to which dietary cholesterol affects blood LDL cholesterol levels is somewhat variable and depends on your genetic makeup. If you are healthy with normal cholesterol levels, the American Heart Association recommends up to 300 mg cholesterol a day, and up to 200 mg/day if you have heart disease or elevated cholesterol. A single egg (with yolk) has approximately 186 mg cholesterol.


To all fellow egg lovers out there, this is a great egg salad recipe to try. Instead of mayo, slash calories and saturated fat by guessed it: greek yogurt. As much as I love traditional egg salad, the yolks are creamy enough by themselves. There's really no need to slather them in mayonnaise when greek yogurt is just as creamy - and much, much healthier. Is there anything I won't put Fage in/on? The answer is no. 


Best part about this recipe? It makes a lot of egg salad - lunch next week anyone?

Please visit me at my blog (link below) for the full recipe. You'll also find a few more greek yogurt-inspired recipes. Thanks for reading!



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