Green Living: a tale of two bins

In addition to cutting back our usage of paper towels and other disposables, we did a crazy thing a couple of months ago.

We were looking at cutting costs and switched from a bigger trash receptacle to the smallest one. We have not looked back since.

And, well...we have not missed the bigger bin.

we were forced to make everything fit into the smaller bin, we looked
at ways to recycle more. We became more conscious of what was
recyclable and what was not. We also made an effort to reduce our use
of disposables, and re-use items instead of throwing them away. For
example, yogurt cups were re-purposed as building blocks for our 2 year

We put 2 smaller recycling tubs by our garage door, so that
we automatically dump paper, plastic and glass into these tubs. Making
these accessible meant that we would not be predisposed to putting
something that can be recycled into the trash bin.

The result - we are able to fit everything in the smaller trash bin, and have made good use of our bigger recycling bin.

Oh, and don't get me started on composting...that's next on the agenda...

Part of our little *green* routine for planet earth.

Thanks for listening,

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