“Greenhorns” Lose a Chicken

The Chronicles of a WannaBe Farmer but Never a Butcher


Summer of 1998 (remembering the past)

I’ve heard that “we live and [hopefully] learn,” but most often, as it seems to happen, we learn the hard way.

A sad memory:  During the extreme heat of summer, in 1998, we lost one of our beloved hens, an Araucana. We’d come home from an all-day outing with the family and found one of our girls laying sprawled dead in the middle of their enclosed aviary; a needless loss due to our inexperience and lack of sufficient knowledge.

We’d provided our chickens with the necessities recommended to us when we acquired them and setup their pen: food, grit (for the digestion) and oyster shell (calcium, which helps strengthen the egg’s shell), and, of course, water—one 5-gallon [galvanized] container.

Water is essential, and we must never underestimate the importance of having plenty of it. We can survive longer without food, but not without water.

We dream a life to be; we live to dream that life! (vka)


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