Greenman Photo Print

Greenman Photo Print


This is a photo print of my Greenman painting, it is done on photo paper plus glossy II with a boarder. Can be placed in any standard photo frame. I don't know why but the photo showing on the monitor looks like there are stripes going through the picture, my photo does NOT have those stripes.

This seems to be a pretty popular look at on Etsy by other Etsy sellers so I thought making an affordable photo print might help those who like the painting but can't afford it or are just not painting collectors.  I have seen a lot of artists do art cards and I like that concept.  Another thing I really want to try but don't have the money now is make t shirts that have my art on them.  Zazzle was reccomended to me by a fellow artist and checking them out I found out they also do buttons, magnents, mugs and even onsies.  Wow!  think of a little one with my greenman on it's tummy?  Mmmm maybe my dream tree painting would be better.  The Purple Shell would make a nice t shirt too.  Zazzle makes really nice soft t shirts I am told.  They do tank tops too so I will have to try that when I got the money. For now, prints will have to do.


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