grey & brianna's


Grey & brianna’s is a life blog.

There is a lot of food involved in it looks like a food blog.

That’s what I tend to write about...a lot.

I love food. Cooking, smelling, and of course, tasting.

This blog was started summer of 2012.

It was originally created after Grey and I got married to chronicle our newlywed life for friends and family.

As turns out, there was a lot of cooking in this new newlywed life.

I write about recipes, kitchen tips, grocery shopping, and menu planning.

There are times I write about books, exercising, being a wife, our crazy family, and ramblings about life.

Grey & brianna’s is a place to socialize. This blog is like inviting you into our home.

Come. Sit down. Have some coffee. And get to know us. We would love your company and to get to know you.

Thanks for the visit. 

Love, Grey and Brianna