Grey's Anatomy...The #*@$%^ Musical?!

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A warning, before I continue.  It's hard enough to find the right words to discuss what was essentially the TV equivallent of a genetic lab freak to begin with, so there's no way I'm going to be able to worry about spoilers in this post.  If you haven't seen the episode?  Maybe save this post for later.  But then come back because I NEED to hear what you thought about it.Grey's Musical

So here's the gist.  Callie and Arizona are in a car wreck in which {pregnant} Callie is not wearing her seatbelt and is thrown through the windshield as a result, injuring her brain...amongst other things.   But I'm gonna focus on the brain injury for the moment, because it results in an out-of-body experience for Callie which kicks off all the singing.  So *I think* that the singing is meant to be in out-of-body-Callie's [non-existent] head as she floats around the hospital.

Oh, Grey's.  Of course you had to go and make it not funny.  I hear musical episode, and I know that for better or for worse there are going to be laughs and so far...I've got a pregnant Callie with effing brain trauma.  C'mon Shonda -- did you really need to make me feel like a dick for laughing by bringing up fetal heartbeats and emergency cesarians right as Stoic-Owen started to sing?

At least Sara Ramirez, who I totally adore most days, and Kevin McKidd -- who usually bugs the crap out of me -- have some vocal chops.

By the time Bailey (who we already know can sing) breaks out in song, I'm just kind of emotionally confused all around.  On the one hand, they've got a fetal heart beat, so I feel less like a total asshole for giggling as the bulk of the company joins in on what appears to be a FULL RENDITION of Grey's go-to favorite "Chasing Cars" (clip below), but on the other hand, I'm still in awe of the fact that they're doing a musical episode and they're taking it all seriously and stuff.   WHERE'S THE SENSE OF HUMOR GREY'S?!  


And like every "Grey's Event", we inevitably reach the moment where every surgeon in the hospital is in Callie's O.R. and there are presumably no other patients in need of surgery anywhere in Seattle Grace.   Which - are there any surgeons reading?  This always bothers me.  Is there any way in hell that they would ever allow this woman's closest friends to operate on her?  I don't know who "they" are, but I'm sure there's some kind of governing body of professional doctors that frowns upon that sort of thing.

Anyway I pretty much gave up on gleaning any enjoyment from the episode around the time that Chyler Leigh/Lexie Grey -- inexplicably and mostly unrelated to the story -- started her rendition of Breathe and it became clear that they were making no attempt to integrate the music into the story beyond the loose "Callie is having an out of body experience" plot line...and I totally can't concentrate on that anyway because WHY THE HELL IS EVERYONE SINGING?

They did kick the tempo up a notch in a weird dream-sequence/flashback featuring your favorite Grey's couplings in light-drenched romps, but that was even weirder and more uncomfortable by contrast to the traumatic main plot, despite it maybe being the only number in which I was able to catch glimpses of what I had hoped the episode it might be like...although I can't even say I'm sure what that is...

Anyway, it was pretty obvious which cast members are singers and which ones aren't.   Which is cool, except that they kept inserting the singers where they otherwise didn't belong.  The less vocally inclined *cough*ellenpompeo*cough* were given their moment to shine during Grey's old school anthem, The Fray's "How To Save A Life".  They didn't. 

All in all, I didn't even get the giggles from it I had hoped for because I was too busy being alternately disturbed by the weird high-school-musical quality of the whole thing, and the horrific pre-mature birth storyline (which naturally prompted a visit from Kate Walsh's Addison Montgomery, the only capable neonatologist on earth.)

Okay your turn.   It was crazy, wasn't it?   Or did you love it and think I'm crazy?   Discuss.  PLEASE.  Because I don't think I'm going to get through this one alone.


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