Grief poetry: 'The Coat'

A bit of background to this, which I neglected to give last time I posted. My apologies. I lost an online friend to cancer on Easter Sunday, 2007...obviously the fifth anniversary is rapidly approaching, and emotions are running high. This is an old poem, but reflects present feelings

The Coat


I wear it like an overcoat, 
Escaping definition, it eludes me still

I have owned this coat for five years
I used to wear it every day

But I don’t any more – I carry it 
With me as a mark of who I’ve been

I’m no longer that person 
But still I keep the coat

I guess I bought it when I met you. 
You didn’t like it, said it didn’t suit me. 

Still, I’ve kept the coat
I knew I’d wear it one day

Grudgingly I shrugged it on
Four Easters ago. 

Maybe this year, I’ll ditch the coat. 
It’s not the coat that holds the memories 

They’re part of me, though my mind 
Had until recently locked the door

Now I’ve found the key. 

Sincerely hoping to find a little peace on the way to Easter. 

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