Grocery Day

A  one of many typical days of grocery shopping for us. It starts as we enter walmart, the dreaded stickers.....I try very hard to get my cart and run with my son but those elderly people will chase us down. He hates stickers on his person. They slap one one him and our shopping mood is set, but if we are lucky free cookies are close. If I am desparte I'll ask for one, they gladly give one, my expression probably scares them. I hurry through the bread and buns they make nice mushy target for him. We don't do fruit I have to send my daughter for that.

We had a very bad experience in that section. I should have seen it coming but I was looking for the perfect granny smith apple,he was so still just looking at the red apples I suppose sizing them up. Just as I finish he get ONE red apple and I don't know how many fell we did not stay to see or count them. You know how you get that feeling maybe I should do this another day. We left our cart and hurried out the other side of the store. I glanced at the produce section as we left and yes red apples were sill on the floor. 


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