Groovy Brownie Bites...Almost Homemade

These Groovy Brownie Bites are easy and will make anyone smile...and drool! I used Petite Brownie Bites from Costco, but you could also make your own homemade petite brownies in a nifty mini muffin pan. These are great for birthday parties, school parties, after-school treats or just to brighten someones day.

What you will need:


  • Arrange brownies on a platter and top with icing. I put the icing in a sandwich bag, sealed it up and push the icing into one corner of the bag. I sniped the corner and created my very own pastry icing bag!

  • Roll candy strips and place on top of icing.

  • Serve and let the ooooos and ahhhhhs commence. Enjoy!


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