Challenge #32: Walking Lunges: Convenient Misery

Lunges are another awesome lower body exercise that require little or no equipment. (Graspable dumbells, pets, or small children are optional).  Yet lunges suck in the way that many good-for-you but exercises do--they're hard.

And if you do the walking kind, especially backwards, they challenge your balance and dignity as well as your muscles.

So today's challenge: do some walking lunges!  Add dumbells or do the reverse kind for an extra challenge.  And pay attention to form: be sure not to extend your front knee too far forward.

Since I'm really bad at explaining exercises, and have never figured out how to import pictures, I'll leave you with a couple video links.

Forward walking lunges are here, and, Reverse lunges are here.

Your reward?  It's all about what the next decade will bring, and apparently, there may be a lot more monkeys in your life.


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