Challenge #33: 5 minute visualization

So there should be a 10x Club blog post appearing before too long nagging urging you to consider working a little relaxation into your day. Stress is bad for you right?   And sure, it would be great if you'd take an hour to yourself, get comfortable, and really immerse yourself in a deep, transformative meditative trance.  But realistically: for most of us, that ain't happening.

Today's challenge:  take 5 minutes to visualize yourself in a relaxing, peaceful location.

Start by getting comfortable in your chair (you can recline or lie down if you're not prone to falling instantly asleep) and close your eyes.  It's usually suggested that you don't cross your arms or your legs.

If paying attention to your breathing doesn't weird you out (some people find it awkward) then do that for a little bit, letting your breath come slower and deeper.  Then let your muscles relax, starting at either your feet and working up to your head or vice versa.  For a short relaxation exercise, don't worry if some of your muscles still feel tense; they'll relax a bit more as you start visualizing.

Now picture a pretty path or stairway leading you down, down, down to a relaxing place.  As you travel, feel yourself letting go and getting more relaxed.  Where would you like that path or stairway to lead?  To a garden? A beach?  A beautiful room with a comfortable chair and fireplace that's just yours to enjoy?

After you arrive at your destination, take a few minutes to enjoy it.  Notice the colors, the smells, the temperature, the textures.  If you are outside, is there a breeze or some warm sunshine?  Perhaps there is a comfortable place to lie down and rest.  Don't worry if your thoughts wander, just return them to your awesome imaginary world where there is nothing you need to be doing right now but relaxing.

When you are ready, return slowly along the path or stairs to the real world, feeling yourself becoming more awake and alert with every step you take--until you are back in your chair, ready to be productive--or if you are me, ready to go get a snack or find some other excuse to procrastinate.

Your reward? It will help you wake up even more from your relaxing trance. Take this celebrity voice over quiz!


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