Challenge #34: Anywhere Exercises

Even if you belong to a well-equipped gym, or have a spiffy home workout set-up, there are times when you may find yourself in need of a more flexible exercise option.  Perhaps you're on the road, or are experiencing a chaotic day, or you just find yourself in a petulant "I HATE the gym" or "I am so freakin' TIRED of my normal routine" kind of mood. 

While pouting and stomping can be strangely satisfying, they don't provide much of a workout. Many folks have found that  accumulating enough "anywhere" alternatives to create a whole routine can come in handy when you really need it.  The problem: unless you have a trainer or a good class leader, it can take a lot of trial and error to find the exercises that feel right for you. You want them to be challenging without being impossible, and it helps if they don't require movements that cause pain or extreme damage if you have pre-existing injuries.

So today's challenge:  find, select and practice a new "anywhere" exercise, or rediscover a classic (like push-ups or squats) and revive it! 

But where to look?  As it happens, Jody at Truth2BeingFit has a couple posts on exercises you can do anywhere; part one is here, and there's a follow up post with more explanations and videos.  Another great resource is the American Council on Exercise's Library; you can search the exercises by selecting "no equipment" and choose your experience level, and voila!

And here's your reward: you don't even have to like bicycles to enjoy these wild versions; some of them are pretty darn amazing.


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