Challenge #35: Field Trip!

Do you like to shop?  For me, the answer to this question totally depends on what I'm shopping FOR.  Swimsuits?  Bras? Dress shoes? Health insurance? Acccck, no thanks!  But fitness gear, gadgets, and toys... now that's the kind of shopping I like.

So this leads to an odd little fitness challenge for today or the weekend:  Poke around a sporting goods store, either real or virtual/online, and see if you come across anything that makes you more excited about exercising.

Note: you do not have to buy anything!  That's the interesting thing about being in a sporting good store or browsing through a fitness gear site.  Just seeing all the cute outfits, nifty gadgets, and fancy-pants home equipment, is weirdly motivating--at least to me.  And who knows, maybe you'll see something reasonably priced and tempting that will rev up your motivation a notch.

And as always, you can design your own challenge and tell us about it!

Here's your reward: Did you know the internet is made of cats? It's a FACT!

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