Challenge #36: Watch your mouth!

So there are lots of compelling reasons to stay on top of dental hygiene, like not walking around with spinach on your teeth, or sparing friends and loved ones foul breath that could slay fire-breathing dragons at twenty paces.  But there's also a link between good dental hygiene and heart health, as well a scary possible connection between advanced gum disease and cancer.

If you already take great care of your teeth and gums, then you're good for today!  Your challenge is to feel all smug and know that you're doing great things for your health as well as making the world more pleasant for those around you.

However, if you've been slacking, your challenge today is to (1) review the basics of dental care and oral hygeine; (2) make sure you're doing everything you're supposed to do; and (3) if you're overdue to see the dentist, call to make an appointment already!

And as usual, feel free to create your own challenge!

Your reward? How 'bout some out-there earrings?


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