Challenge #37: Easy (or Hard) Clapping Pushups

I've always admired people who can take the full-body "men's" version of a push up, and kick things up a notch by propelling themselves off the floor and clapping their hands together before gravity brings them back down to earth again.  Not only does it look impressive, but it provides plyometric "explosive" type exercise.  Plyometrics can help you hit a golf ball farther, or punch obnoxious strangers much harder in bar fights, depending on the particular demands of your active lifestyle.

But even if you can't do regular push-ups, you can still try out the clapping version.  The trick is to find a surface, like a counter top or bed, that's the right height to allow you to propel yourself into the air.

So today's challenge is:  experiment with surface heights in your home or gym until you find one that will allow you to do clapping push-ups.  You can use anything from a vertical wall, to a counter-top, to a low bench, to the floor, depending on your arm strength and general kick-assitude. Try to keep your core stabilized; don't cheat by sticking your butt way out. (And if you're truly hardcore, you can start elevating your feet rather than your arms).  Here's a Livestrong clapping push up link to show you what the "from the floor" version looks like.

Or, as always, you can create your own challenge and come here and brag about it!

And here's your reward: some awesome floors suitable for clapping push-ups!


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