Challenge #38: Positively Pumped!

So how's your attitude towards yourself and your accomplishments?  Are you compassionate and encouraging?  Or are you harsh and mean and punitive?  Some people aren't even aware of the kinds of things they say to themselves all day long.  They may have no idea that they give themselves no credit at all for a hard work out, but bite their own heads off for eating too large a serving of Ben and Jerry's.

While these kinds of interior conversations seem almost unconscious, you can actually listen in on them and tweak them. It takes practice, but once you become aware of what you tell yourself, you can change the message and make it more strategic and effective, and less "WTF, I really said that to myself?" 

For example,  if you were trying to mentor someone else towards more healthy behavior, would you confront them about a missed workout with "you lazy dumb-ass, you're never going to get in shape?"  Would you coach them about serving sizes by advising:  "You stupid pig, you're disgusting, you never should have eaten that much"?

Of course you wouldn't (unless a reality weight loss show hired you to be a coach).  But many people say things like this to themselves all the time without realizing it.

So today's challenge:  try to check in with your "self-talk" a few times.  Can you hear anything? Is it constructive, or is it a bit on the mean side?  In that case, you may want to come up with some more encouraging alternative messages.

And don't worry if your new improved "positive self-talk" sounds a little sappy to your own ears.  Nothing could be cheesier than these wonderfully awful movie quotes in your reward link.


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