Challenge #40: More Core to Adore (or Abhor)

Yep, we're not done with your midsection yet.  In an earlier challenge, we did some planks and bridges. This time, how about trying something different?

First let's do some bicycle crunches; these are one of the most effective  ab exercises you can do.  Plus, if you do them at home you can confuse and entertain your pets and children with your flailing limbs.

Here's a bicycle crunch video to show you what the heck we're talking about.

But, as before, it wouldn't be right to do one side without flipping over and hitting the other side.  So roll over onto your stomach and do the Superman move; here's a superman demo.  If you're truly hardcore, grab a dumbbell or a cat in each hand and put leg weights or a toddler on each foot.

How much of this to do?  Use your own judgment!  Try to challenge yourself without actually causing any fatalities.

And here's your reward:  this curiously fascinating video.


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