Challenge #41: Home Stretch

Yep, "home stretch" is indeed a (lame) pun.  As I'm heading into the "home stretch" for my last week here at 10X, I'm finding myself in a more mellow frame of mind. So it's quite possible that there will be less whip-cracking and ass-kicking and challenges might be easier this week.   On the other hand, I may wake up one morning with a wild hair and suggest you all do dozens of burpees until you puke.  Who knows what the week may bring?

So today's challenge:  Remember to do your stretching!  I know; I've nagged about this before, but most of us are not nearly as religious about it as we think we are and I figured some of us could use some reminding.

If you don't have a regular routine, here's a stretching slideshow to give you some tips.

You're reward?  It's very tasty today.


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