Challenge #42: A Stitch in Time

For me, it's hardboiled eggs:  it's incredibly simple to make a bunch at once; they provide a quick easy snack; and yet I never seem to have them around because I don't think ahead.  Iced green tea in the summer is another example; or even defrosted chicken from the freezer.  There are too many food options that I deprive myself of because I wait until I want them, when it would have been much better if I spent a couple minutes earlier planning ahead.

Anyone else have that problem or is it just me?

Today's challenge, is to find a few minutes today to make future food prep much faster and easier.  It could be cutting up some veggies and making healthy dip to take to work all week; baking a batch of bran muffins one evening, or, in my case, hard-boiling a bunch of eggs.

Or, as always, design your own healthy challenge!

Your reward: Everyone needs Natalie Dee periodically!


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